Podcast: Crossroads Baptist Church

Psalm 150

We are all worshippers by nature. We are always worshipping something or someone. We worship that which we have identified that is greater than us, that fills us with admiration and is where we will deposit the best of us from our time, resources, our life, and devotion. What or who are we worshipping?

Psalm 139

We cannot run away or hide from God. Once we give up our desires, dreams, will and let ourselves be found by that wonderful God, we discover that His intention is not to harm us but to bless us. He formed us even in our mother’s womb for His purpose and ordained all our days before we saw the light of day.

Psalm 37

Sometimes it doesn’t seem worth doing the right thing! When the bad prosper and the good suffer, you may be tempted to doubt God, especially if you are trying to do the right thing! If we are not careful to have the right perspective, we may be tempted to stop doing what is right and try to do what is wrong. When the wicked seem to win, let us submit to God, be content in Him and do what is right, trusting that the Lord will judge righteously.

Psalm 121

None of us are really safe until we take refuge in God. Need help? Then Psalm 121 is for you, it is a good psalm to remember and keep in mind and heart as we go through life’s journey. It is our prayer that this psalm will help us to put our trust in God’s providence and care for our lives.