Podcast: Crossroads Sermons

Honoring God

Have you given God your everything? If not, why not? Maybe you’ve just been playing at Christianity. But it’s time to make a decision in your life to stop living as a shallow Christian and give your whole life to know God more. We honor Him through how we worship Him, serve Him, what we give of our resources, through what others see of us, and when we help others to know God.

Honoring God

We firmly believe that God wants to do something wonderful in our lives and use our church for His glory by taking His message to others. God in His love and mercy wants to help us understand certain truths that will improve our relationship with Him.

Past Regrets

If I were to ask you what your life has been or is like, what image would come to mind? That image is the metaphor for your life. It is your description of how your life works and what you expect from it. It determines your expectations, your values, your relationships, your goals and your priorities. If we focus too much on what we did wrong or didn’t do, on the bad decision we made or didn’t make, our life will be stuck in the past and will not let us run towards the goal God has for us.


How do you keep the pain and problems of the past from poisoning the present and darkening the future? How do you find the hope to carry on? We must deal with bitterness or it will affect our relationships with others. For every time you bring up the past and blame others, you are stagnating in bitterness.


Many Christians have chosen to remain slaves to the same strongholds that have dominated them for a long time. Old thought patterns and habits have stagnated them, but God wants you to let go of strongholds so that you can experience the life God desires for you.