Student Pastor

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July 26, 2022


At Crossroads, we strive to be one of the best places to serve and work. The Crossroads staff places a high value on teamwork, collaboration, and laughter. Our great passion is to be “a taste of heaven on this side of eternity” and  believe we best accomplish that through being a multi-ethnic, multi-generational church who:

  • Worships Jesus passionately
  • Embraces authentic relationships, and
  • Lives on mission


  • Servants Heart & Team Approach
  • Equips and Empowers others
  • Effective Communicator
  • High Character
  • Organized and Creative


The Student Ministry of Crossroads is designed to lead students in Junior High (Grades 6 – 8) and Senior High (Grades 9 – 12) to love God with all their heart, soul, mind and strength becoming fully devoted, life-long followers of Christ. We have approximately 100 students in the student ministry today and are growing along with Crossroads as a church. The student population is diverse and the culture of the ministry today is welcoming to students from all backgrounds and spiritual maturity levels. 

The vision of Crossroads student ministry is to build lifelong Christ followers through three avenues: 

  1. Equipping students with the gospel presented clearly and relevantly
  2. Connecting students with adult mentors committed to sustained discipleship 
  3. Creating space for students to “work out their faith” in service in and outside of the church

The Crossroads student pastor will be responsible for helping to create a mission for the student group, developing plans to achieve the mission, and leading a team of associates and adult volunteers in weekly activities to implement it. He will also provide relevant and insightful large group messages and train associates and volunteers to lead small group discussions and 1:1 mentoring conversations.  

The student pastor will be responsible for the ongoing spiritual development of students, working primarily through adult volunteers and associates as small group leaders and mentors. He should also be personally capable of providing students and their families / caregivers with biblical counseling. Additionally, the student pastor will work collaboratively with Crossroads ministry leaders to provide opportunities for students to serve in the church and the community (schools, mission trips, etc). 

To be successful in this role, the pastor will need to provide students with a biblical community that encourages them to understand, embrace, and put into service a personal faith in Jesus Christ. Ideal candidates should have a proficient understanding of the challenges students face and provide compassionate biblical truth in a way they can understand and put into practice.


Candidates for the student pastor role at Crossroads will first need to have a personal and active spiritual life with Christ Jesus and a passion and calling to understand, relate to, and lead students in their spiritual growth. He will also need to have a desire and calling to invest in the long term and persistent faith of students and recognize the role that the student ministry plays in the broader church community. 

The most important qualifications for student pastor candidates are: 

  • 5+ years of experience in student ministry with 2+ years of experience in a student or kids ministry leadership role
  • Bachelor’s degree in theology, biblical studies, student ministry or related field of study is highly preferred (or Master’s Degree with other undergraduate degree) 
  • Demonstrated experience designing and implementing creative student “outreach” and “inreach” programs for students
  • Capability and experience to develop small group and large group curriculum for Junior High and Senior High level students 
  • Relational skill to lead and engage both students and adults in ministry service and experience directly recruiting and managing associates, adults, and students to achieve goals
  • Capability to create a welcoming and attractive environment for students of all backgrounds and proficient understanding of challenges and needs of young people
  • Ability to communicate biblical truth in a relevant way to a diverse group of students at different levels of spiritual maturity
  • Excellent organizational skills and demonstrated willingness to do the hard work of ministry


The successful student pastor at Crossroads will work alongside a team of associates and adult volunteers to achieve the following outcomes: 

  1. Increase the number of students who have the opportunity to respond to the gospel by: 
    • Providing easy opportunities for new students to connect with the ministry; i.e. events, retreats, camps, hangouts, etc. 
    • Presenting the gospel relevantly and regularly in large group settings 
    • Connecting with local schools to take the gospel out into the community
    • Ensuring that students are connected to small group where the gospel is discussed in a relevant context 
    • Encouraging students to connect to an adult mentor where the gospel is applied on a personal level 
    • Engaging students in 1:1 gospel conversations  
  2. Achieve a 5:1 adult to student ratio for 50%+ of the students by: 
    • Helping to providing students and their families / caregivers with biblical counseling to help them learn, grow, and serve together (1-2yrs)
    • Ensuring students to connected to adults in a small group setting (1-2yrs) 
    • Connecting students to adult mentors who can help them grow in their faith (1yr) 
    • Providing opportunities for students to serve alongside adults outside of the youth ministry (2+yrs)
  3. Achieve 50%+ of students in the ministry serving from their strengths by: 
    • Working with the Crossroads leadership to create opportunities for students to serve in the church
    • Developing student ministry opportunities to serve outside the church; mission trips, etc. 
    • Working with students to help them serve in their schools and community